Thursday 29 June 2017

Sydney Olympic Park, hotel

The Novotel Hotel, on the corner of Olympic Boulevarde and Dawn Fraser Avenue, dominates the skyline at Sydney Olympic Park in the western suburb of Homebush Bay. The contemporary architecture of the hotel, which was built in 2000, matches the nearby Stadium Australia and Sydney Olympic Park railway station.

Wednesday 28 June 2017

Sydney Olympic Park, Stadium Australia

Stadium Australia is the former Olympic Stadium at Sydney Olympic Park, in the western suburb of Homebush Bay. It was completed in 1999 to host the Sydney 2000 Summer Olympics. It is now known commercially as ANZ Stadium and had been previously known as Telstra Stadium.

Tuesday 27 June 2017

Botanic Gardens, survey pillar

This survey pillar is located in the Botanic Gardens overlooking Sydney Harbour between Bennelong Point and Mrs Macquaries Point. The plaque reads: "This Survey Observation Pillar has been established to monitor Opera House Deflection movements and provide local control station for Sydney Integration Surveys. May 1976." Also known as triangulation stations or triangulation pillars, these are used for long term monitoring and observations.

Monday 26 June 2017

Five Dock, mural

This mural is located on the laneway wall at Fred Kelly Place, in the inner west suburb of Five Dock. "What's For Dinner?" is a ceramic tile painting created by Virginia Arregui in 2016 to celebrate the multicultural diversity of the suburb's community. The artwork features architectural styles from around the world harmoniously built side by side with the title of the work enticing the viewer to imagine what food is being prepared in the kitchens of these homes, evoking the tastes and smells of global cuisines.

Sunday 25 June 2017

Parramatta, Boer War Memorial

The Boer War Memorial is located in Parramatta Park, in the western suburb of Parramatta. It commemorates Australian participation in the Boer War when volunteer Lancers were the first Australian troops to arrive in South Africa in 1899. The memorial was erected in 1904 using four Doric columns, the entablature blocks and the cornice from the former Parramatta Courthouse, designed by Mortimer Lewis in 1837. In the centre of the memorial, a broken pillar signifies "life broken short" to remember the lives lost in the war. The cannon on top of the memorial made by Cornelius King in 1822 was one of six nine-pounder field guns used for the defence of Port Jackson at Dawes Point, as were the two Georgian cannons on either side.

Saturday 24 June 2017

Kogarah, water feature

This water feature is located in Kogarah Town Square, in the southern suburb of Kogarah. The water rises from three fountains at the back which spill into this pool. The water then cascades down a number of terraces and drains into a spiral among grasses. It was installed in 2005 and later dedicated to International Workers Memorial Day.

Friday 23 June 2017

Rookwood, cemetery

These old monuments, gravestones and family vaults are located in Rookwood Necropolis, in the western suburb of Rookwood. It is the largest multicultural cemetery in the southern hemisphere, covering an area of over 300 hectares. It has been operating since 1867 and it has been estimated that approximately one million people have been buried here.

Thursday 22 June 2017

The Rocks, Sirius, sign

This neon sign has been displayed in an apartment window of the Sirius building, viewed from Playfair Street at The Rocks. The building was built in 1979 in the Brutalist architectural style to house public tenants. It is scheduled for demolition and the "SOS" (Save Our Sirius) sign has been installed by residents who have been protesting against it, with some arguing for the preservation of the building for heritage listing.

Wednesday 21 June 2017

Darling Walk, chess set

This giant wood-carved chess set is located in front of the fountain along Darling Walk, which links Harbour Street to Tumbalong Park and the Darling Quarter at Darling Harbour.

Monday 19 June 2017

Eveleigh, Yaama Dhinawan

Yaama Dhinawan is a hospitality college specialising in indigenous culture and cuisine, at this training, community and function centre in the inner city suburbs of Eveleigh. It is located at CarriageWorks, a multi-venue arts centre dedicated to the development and presentation of contemporary arts which is housed in the old Eveleigh railway yards and features theatre spaces, gallery and exhibition spaces, rehearsal rooms, a scenery workshop and office space. Yaama Dhinawan means Hello Emu, and an indigenous mural of an emu has been painted on the building.

Sunday 18 June 2017

Rookwood, Armenian shrine

The Armenian shrine in Rookwood Necropolis, the largest multicultural cemetery in the southern hemisphere, in the western suburb of Rookwood. The inscription reads: This memorial was erected to the sacred memory of all Armenian martyrs and Armenian people meeting in peace throughout the world.

Saturday 17 June 2017

Bulletin Place, Vivid Sydney

This art installation is located in the arcade at the end of Bulletin Place for the Vivid Sydney Festival, which ends tonight. "Supernova" creates a starry night sky with an array of cantilevered umbrellas which open and close, with their material glowing. When they are all fully open, there's a flash of bright light and the supernova is revealed.
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Friday 16 June 2017

Sydney Terminal Building, Central Railway Station, Vivid Sydney

The clock tower above Sydney Terminal Building at Central railway station has been illuminated with light projections for the Vivid Sydney Festival, which is running from 26 May to 17 June 2017. "Transported Through Time" was created by The Electric Canvas and celebrates the evolution of rail transportation in Sydney and conjures the trains of the future. It takes a journey from the steam train and the iconic red rattler, through to animations of the trains of the future.
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Thursday 15 June 2017

Chatswood, The Concourse, Vivid Sydney

The Concourse is a cultural centre in the north shore suburb of Chatswood. It has been illuminated with light projections for the Vivid Sydney Festival, which is running from 26 May to 17 June 2017. "Future City, Smart City" is an animated feature which tells the story of a fantastical future where communities of airborne homes emerge, with greenhouses and water farms harvesting clouds, all powered by waste, wind and the sun.
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Wednesday 14 June 2017

Chatswood, Reflection Pool, Vivid Sydney

  Steampunk Waterworld is an art installation at the reflection pool on The Concourse, in the north shore suburb of Chatswood. The artwork was created by The Electric Canvas the Vivid Sydney Festival, which is running between 26 May and 17 June 2017. 

Tuesday 13 June 2017

Chatswood, Interchange, Vivid Sydney

  Voxelscape is an art installation at Chatswood Interchange, in the north shore suburb of Chatswood. It fills the air space with more than 9,000 LED light spheres, creating a three-dimensional light show viewable from any level of Chatswood Interchange, the shopping centre which links Chatswood railway station with the bus terminal and Chatswood Mall. This view is towards the Chatswood railway station platforms and entrance. The artwork was created by The Electric Canvas for the Vivid Sydney Festival, which is running between 26 May and 17 June 2017. 

Monday 12 June 2017

Commercial Traveller’s Association Building, Vivid Sydney

The Commercial Traveller’s Association Building is located at the MLC Centre, on the corner of Martin Place and Castlereagh Street. The facade of the building is currently featuring "Urban Tree 2.0" a light projection show for the Vivid Sydney Festival, which is running between 26 May and 17 June 2017.

Saturday 10 June 2017

Alexandria, Sydney Park, pond

Sydney Park is a former brickworks that has been transformed into 44 hectares of parkland, in the inner city suburb of Alexandria. A number of ponds and wetlands have been recreated as they once were in this area, which attract many water birds and animals.

Friday 9 June 2017

Liverpool, railway station

A view across the platforms of Liverpool railway station from Newbridge Road bridge, in the south western suburb of Liverpool. This C Set train built in 1986 is waiting at the platform.

Thursday 8 June 2017

Botanic Gardens, Vivid Sydney, Sydneyland

This "SYDNEYLAND" sign is an art installation created by Alexander Berlage and Jeremy Allen for the Vivid Sydney Festival. The illuminated letters beam across Sydney Harbour at night for the duration of the festival between 26 May and 17 June 2017. It is located at the edge of the Botanic Gardens along Tarpeian Way, the pathway that runs along the edge of the steep cliff known as the Tarpeian Wall. When the rock at Bennelong Point was cut away in 1880, to build the road that now leads to the Opera House, the wall and the path were named after the Tarpeian Rock, which overlooks the Roman Forum.

Wednesday 7 June 2017

Woolwich, lookout

Woolwich Lookout at Clarkes Point Reserve is a cantilevered platform which juts out over Woolwich Dock's sandstone cutting, in the lower north shore suburb of Woolwich. It provides views across Lane Cover River to Greenwich and the city skyline in the distance. The Woolwich Pier Hotel can also been seen here nearby.

Tuesday 6 June 2017

Enfield, council chambers

The former Municipality of Enfield council chambers are located along Liverpool Road, on the corner of Coronation Parade, in the south western suburb of Enfield. It was designed by DT Morrow & Gordon and built in 1930 in the inter war architectural style. The Council of the Municipality of Enfield was incorporated in 1889 and abolished in 1949.

Monday 5 June 2017

Barangaroo, art

This is part of a curious artwork installed on a hoarding at the edge of Barangaroo Reserve at Nawi Cove, in the inner city suburb of Barangaroo. "All You Can Eat Seafood Buffet" by Joan Ross is part of "Aurora Eora", an exhibition of public artworks. It depicts the area and inhabitants from past eras.

Friday 2 June 2017

Sydenham, railway station

Sydenham railway station is on the Illawarra railway line and is a junction of the Bankstown and East Hills lines, in the inner west suburb of Sydenham.  It opened on 15 October 1884 as Marrickville when the Illawarra line opened to Hurstville. It was renamed Sydenham on 19 January 1895 when the Bankstown line opened to Belmore and a new railway station was built closer to the centre of Marrickville.

Thursday 1 June 2017

Monterey, Scarborough Park (Theme Day: Nature)

A mixture of native and introduced trees and plants in Scarborough Park, in the southern suburb of Monterey.
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