Sunday 31 May 2009

Haslams Creek

A view of Haslams Creek which runs between the suburbs of Homebush Bay and Newington. This photo was taken before all the rain we had recently when the grass looked really dry and brown.

Saturday 30 May 2009

Canada Bay

This view across Canada Bay, towards the inner west suburb of Canada Bay.

Friday 29 May 2009

Concord, Hen and Chicken Bay

A cloudy sky over the inner west suburb of Concord, looking across Hen and Chicken Bay. Bayview Park wharf can be seen on the shore along with the Canadian monument in Bayview Park, that I featured over the last two days. The old Bushells Tea factory and new apartment developments can be seen in the background.

Thursday 28 May 2009

Canada Bay monument

This monument in Concord honours a historic link between Australia and Canada. Following the Lower Canada Rebellion of 1837 to 1838, two Irish and 56 French Canadian rebels were deported to Australia and imprisoned at the Longbottom Stockade. The area around here bears a reminder of this history with the names Canada Bay, France Bay and Exile Bay.

Wednesday 27 May 2009

Concord wharf

This wharf sits at the end of Bayview Park, on Hen and Chicken Bay, in the inner west suburb of Concord.
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Tuesday 26 May 2009

Ashfield, St Vincent's presbytry

The former presbytry is on the corner of Bland Street and Elizabeth Street, in the inner west suburb of Ashfield. This heritage listed building is attached to St Vincent's Catholic Church.

Monday 25 May 2009

Ashfield, St Vincent's Catholic Church

St Vincents Catholic Church (top) at Ashfield looks like a building you would expect to see in Italy. The original St Vincents Supreme School building sits beside it (bottom).

Sunday 24 May 2009

Sydney Grammar School

Sydney Grammar School is a private high school for boys that is located at the edge of the city, but technically located in the inner city suburb of Darlinghurst. This heritage sandstone building is located in College Street, next door to the Australian Museum. The Sydney College was founded here in 1830 and the centre block was designed by Edward Hallen in the Victorian Academic Classical style and completed in 1832. It was taken over by the University of Sydney and extensions were made to the north and south, designed by Edmund Blacket and completed in 1857.

Saturday 23 May 2009

Museum of Contemporary Art

This view of the Museum of Contemporary Art Sydney is from the platform of Circular Quay railway station and above the awnings of the nearby ferry wharves. It's a magnificent sandstone building in the art deco style.

Friday 22 May 2009

Sydney Harbour Bridge

 A recent cloudy Autumn sky above the Sydney Harbour Bridge with the Sydney Opera House and the city skyline in the background. I took this photo from Milsons Point, in front of Luna Park, after we took my mum out for lunch for Mothers Day.
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Thursday 21 May 2009

Iron Cove Bridge

The Iron Cove Bridge links the inner west suburbs of Rozelle and Drummoyne. This photo is taken from Drummoyne looking towards Rozelle.

Tuesday 19 May 2009

Rodd Point, memorial

This memorial in Rodd Park sits on the shore of Iron Cove, in the inner west suburb of Rodd Point. The land here was once owned by Brent Clements Rodd (1809-1898) and this memorial was originally the Rodd family mausoleum, but relocated to Rookwood Cemetery in 1903.

Monday 18 May 2009

Lilyfield, Sensory Park

Sensory Park sits beside Iron Cove, in the inner west suburb of Lilyfield.

Sunday 17 May 2009

Lilyfield, tram stop

This tram stop is located in the inner west suburb of Lilyfield. It is the terminating station on the light rail line that runs from Central railway station via Haymarket and Pyrmont. There have been calls to extend the line to other inner west suburbs such as Leichhardt and Dulwich Hill, using an existng railway goods line corridor.

Saturday 16 May 2009

Wolli Creek Railway Station

Wolli Creek railway station is a junction for the Illawarra, Airport and East Hills railway lines. It opened in 2000 as part of the Airport link.

Friday 15 May 2009

Central Railway Station

Central railway station is Sydney's largest railway station, located at the southern end of the Central Business District. Central is a terminal for country trains and the largest junction for city trains.This view of the clocktower and administration building is from Railway Square at Haymarket. The clocktower once dominated the Sydney skyline and is still a significant landmark in Sydney.
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Thursday 14 May 2009

Redfern, railway station

Redfern railway station is one of the biggest junctions in Sydney, second only to Central. This station was originally called Eveleigh, when Redfern was the name used for the original Sydney terminus, located just north of this site and used until Central was opened. This entrance and booking office along Lawson Street was built in 1874.

Wednesday 13 May 2009

Erskineville, railway station

Erskineville railway station is on Bankstown railway line. Trains on Illawarra line pass through here but usually do not stop.

Tuesday 12 May 2009

St Peters, railway station

St Peters railway station is on Bankstown railway line. Trains on Illawarra line pass through here but they usually do not stop. The incomplete fifth and sixth platforms feature a row of trees.

Monday 11 May 2009

Sydenham, railway station

Sydenham railway station is a junction for the Illawarra, East Hills and Bankstown railway lines, in the inner west suburb of Sydenham.

Sunday 10 May 2009

Tempe, railway station

Tempe is a junction of the Illawarra and East Hills railway lines. This week I'll be taking a journey of railway stations that I usually pass on my way to work, while I'm actually on an overseas holiday.

Saturday 9 May 2009

Carss Park Cottage

Carss Park Cottage is a sandstone cottage built in 1860 by William Carss that now sits in the middle of Carss Bush Park. The cottage and recreational area looks over Kogarah Bay and the Carss Park Tidal Baths.

Friday 8 May 2009

Carss Park, Tidal Baths

The Autumn clouds created a beautiful sunset over the Tidal Baths at Carss Park, a protected swimming area on Kogarah Bay. They are surrounded by Carss Bush Park, a popular recreational area.

Thursday 7 May 2009

Shakespeare Place

 The Shakespeare Memorial, created in 1926, is dedicated to poet and playwright William Shakespeare and features some of his more famous literature characters. It sits in Shakespeare Place between the State Library and Morsehead Fountain Gate to the Botanic Gardens. This area was actually once part of the Botanic Gardens but now sits between the on and off ramps of the Cahill Expressway that connect it to the city. This monument could also be seen in yesterday's photo of Morshead Fountain, at far left, looking towards the State Library.

Wednesday 6 May 2009

Botanic Gardens, Morshead Fountain

Morshead Fountain sits outside the Morehead Fountain Gate at the Royal Botanic Gardens and opposite the State Library of New South Wales and the Shakespeare Memorial at Shakespeare Place. The fountain was erected in 1966 in memory of Lieutenant-General Sir Lesley Morshead and the men who served with him.
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Tuesday 5 May 2009

Botanic Gardens, fountain

This monument known as 'Love Led Them' is a small bronze fountain figure of a Cupid (a young boy with bow and arrows and wings) on a marble plinth, set in the central pond of the Pioneer Memorial Garden. It was sculpted by Paul R. Montford (1868-1938) and marks the precise spot of the centre of the dome of the former Garden Palace, a grand exhibition building built in 1879 that burnt down three years later.

Monday 4 May 2009

Botanic Gardens, sensory fountain

This sensory fountain is another feature of the Herb Garden in the Botanic Gardens. This spherical fountain was designed to be touched, seen and heard with a steady trickle of water flowing over it, on approach. It was designed by Victorian artist Tim Jones and made by Dave Mune at the Art Foundry in Victoria. The fountain is surrounded by a bronze ring of herbs drawn by Gardens’ illustrator Marion Westmacott.

Sunday 3 May 2009

Botanic Gardens, birdbath

This birdbath is another feature of the Herb Garden at the Royal Botanic Gardens in Sydney.
Designed and made in 1994 by sculptor Peter Mueller, it commemorates Hope Clayton (1907-1991), a friend of the Gardens.

Saturday 2 May 2009

Botanic Gardens, Herb Garden

These shadows in the Royal Botanic Gardens are cast by pots in the Herb Garden surrounding a memorial to actress Nellie Stewart, who was born in the nearby suburb of Woolloomooloo in 1858. I must admit I'd never heard of this actress before I saw this memorial but not completely surprising considering that she died in 1931. It made me think that people must have always been fascinated by celebrities, as they are today.

Friday 1 May 2009

Botanic Gardens, sundial (Theme Day: Shadows)

The sundial in the Royal Botanic Garden which sits in the middle of the Herb Garden is an armillary sphere sundial made of silicon bronze that weighs 1500kg and is 2.4m tall with a 1.5m internal ring diameter. It was designed specifically for the Herb Garden in 1994 by John Ward and Margaret Folkard and features herbs modelled in clay in high relief by Adelaide sculptor Karen Rumpf from drawings by Gardens’ illustrator Marion Westmacott. The sun shines on the central bar, which then casts a shadow onto the time marked, angled ring, indicating that this photo was taken at around about 1.40pm. The view from the other angle can be seen here.
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