Sunday 17 May 2009

Lilyfield, tram stop

This tram stop is located in the inner west suburb of Lilyfield. It is the terminating station on the light rail line that runs from Central railway station via Haymarket and Pyrmont. There have been calls to extend the line to other inner west suburbs such as Leichhardt and Dulwich Hill, using an existng railway goods line corridor.


  1. I must drive out to Lilyfield and check this station out. I want to take my father on a round trip on the lite-rail but need an extremely easy-access station to be the starting point. And need parking right up close. However, as it will be a Sunday morning that should be okay. I will check it out this morning by doing a swing around the harbour foreshore in that area.

    Thanks for this, Jim. You must work with the Railways as I have seen all your work on Wiki.

  2. No worries Julie. Lilyfield is probably the best place to start your trip. It has lifts for easy access and parking on weekends is ample in nearby streets.

    I don't work with the railways. I just have an interest in all the landmarks around the city and have posted a lot of my photos on wikipedia articles that did not have any photos.


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