Monday, 11 May 2009

Sydenham, railway station

Sydenham railway station is a junction for the Illawarra, East Hills and Bankstown railway lines, in the inner west suburb of Sydenham.


  1. Nice series. I'm fond of red-brick buildings ;-)

    Gliwice Daily Photo

  2. Must have been a Sunday. Don't think I've ever seen Sydenham that quiet.

  3. It was a weekend Ann. Most likely a Sunday. I often find it's better to take photos on the weekend when you're trying to take photos of buildings because there's less chance of people getting in the way and spoiling your perfect shot.

  4. Nice shots
    would be grateful,if you visit my weblog

  5. Yes, that was my reaction: where are all the people?

    Nicely preserved buildings though ...


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