Saturday 23 May 2009

Museum of Contemporary Art

This view of the Museum of Contemporary Art Sydney is from the platform of Circular Quay railway station and above the awnings of the nearby ferry wharves. It's a magnificent sandstone building in the art deco style.


  1. When I hear 'modern' I keep thinking glass and steel, so this was a refreshing surprise!

  2. Art Deco is cool and I always like to see those buildings. Thanks.

    I meant to comment on your blog earlier but it was one of those blogs that kept throwing me out instantly when I opened it. Don´t know why.

  3. It's a shame I still haven't been there inside yet. I better give it a go next time I go that way. Lovely posting J Barr. Any relation to Nat Barr of Channel 7?

  4. Nice image, Jim. I have spent the last few days down that part of the city. So expect a few posts on The Rocks and Millers Point.

    Very vibrant area ...

  5. Bonnie Bonsai,
    The nickname I use is J Bar, not J Barr. The 'Bar' is from the first three letters of my surname but it's not Barr, so no relation to the lovely Nat Barr. My surname is a bit longer but I'd rather keep a bit of anonymity in cyberspace so I don't want to reveal what it is. :)

  6. Contemporary? I think it is about everything. I'll have post of contemporaty art tomorrow too.

    My Bangkok Through My Eyes!

  7. The museum houses contemporary art. The museum building itself is an art deco office building that was converted into a museum.


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