Sunday, 10 November 2019

Mortlake, St Patrick's Catholic Church

St Patrick's Catholic Church is located along Gale Street, in the western suburb of Mortlake. The church was built in 1895 and in 1938 renovations doubled the size of the church. The porte-cochere was added in 1979 and in 2009 it was converted to a glass walled narthex.


  1. The narthex design looks unusual for a church.

  2. It looks so modern, I was amazed by the date 1895. I wonder what it looks like inside.

  3. Having to double the size in renovations is a good sign for a church! It is simple, but like they included all these arches. Many thanks for showing this small beautiful one to All Seasons! Appreciated:) and have a lovely week:)


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