Monday, 9 November 2009

Warwick Farm, bridge replica

 This impressive replica of the Sydney Harbour Bridge is located at the entrance of a car dealership in the southwestern suburb of Warwick Farm. This view is from inside the dealership looking out towards the Hume Highway. I seem to remember that this replica was built for some sort of exhibition many years ago and was going to be scrapped before it was bought and installed here by the car dealer to attract customers but I can't seem to find any information on the specifics. You can see a photo of the real Sydney Harbour Bridge here.


  1. i hv seen the real one in 2004..fantastic..

  2. Nice entrance. You could ask the people running the placer, they might know.

  3. Wow, thats an interesting thing to have as an entrance!

  4. How cool! It makes a rather impressive entrance. :)

  5. MMM ... not sure that I like it all that much. A bit like taking the original Federation rotunda out to wherever and replacing it with a modern version. No no - that is much worse.

    Now I suppose it has been there for such a long time, that there would be a hue and cry if IT was dismantled.

    Good idea for a post, Jim.

  6. Having seen, and climbed the original, this little one seems quite funny - very good publicity. Wonder if his sales have increased as a result? Perhaps he could offer a 'Free' bridgeclimb on it every time you buy a car!
    Melbourne Daily Photo

  7. Hi Jim,

    Good Old Peter Warren Erected the bridge at his car dealership back in late 1987 to Celebrate the Bi-centary of 1988 it was so popular that at the end of 1988 he remained there and has now become a sydney landmark


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