Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Martin Place, Lunar Lanterns, Horse

Lunar Lanterns have been installed around the city to celebrate the 20th anniversary of City of Sydney’s Chinese New Year Festival. In the Chinese zodiac, every year is symbolised by an animal and this year is the Year of the Monkey. The western end of Martin Place features the Horse lantern, recalling the might of China’s ancient armies, depicting a chariot led by terracotta war horses. It was created by artist Jiahua (Justin) Qian, born in Nanjing, now living and working in Sydney. Horses are animated, active and energetic. They love to be in a crowd and to take centre-stage.


  1. I love the Horse lantern, recalling the might of China’s ancient armies. I wonder if the artist really did see a chariot led by terracotta war horses - that is something on spouse's and my bucket list.

  2. They're so colorful - such fun!
    Thanks for sharing at

  3. You always have something good to show, Jim

    1. Thanks, Cloudia. I look for things that might be different or interesting.

  4. Oh I do like these Jim. Colourful and vibrant. Very eye catching.

  5. Love the Lunar lantern series of shots Jim, beautifully shown.

  6. Colourful horses... Great captures for WatW


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