Thursday, 15 March 2018

Darlinghurst, Eternity Playhouse

The Eternity Playhouse is a theatre on the corner of Burton Street and Palmer Street, in the inner city suburb of Darlinghurst. The heritage-listed building was originally built by the Baptist Church as the Burton Street Tabernacle, designed by John Stone and built in 1887 in the Victorian Free Classical architectural style. In 2013, it was restored and transformed into a theatre. Inspired by a sermon at the Burton Street Tabernacle, where Rev John Ridley said he wished that he could "shout eternity through the streets of Sydney", Arthur Stace took to the streets of Sydney with a piece of chalk, writing the word "Eternity" on the footpaths of Sydney’s streets for over 35 years. The theatre is named in his honour and his famous "Eternity" script is used for the name on the marquee.


  1. Love the history that goes along with the name of this classical building!

  2. ...a handsome building, thanks for the history.

  3. What an interesting story. I hope his legend and Eternity are never lost.

  4. A worth memorial for the chaple and people who worshiped there

  5. Hello Jim!
    Thank you very much for the history of the building. The architecture is beautiful and elegant.
    Jim, your picture is perfect!
    Greetings from the cold and very windy Poland.

  6. In Continental Europe they would call this beautiful building built in Renaissance style - the triangles and horizontal lines.
    Thanks for your comment on last week's post. Also, thanking, referring to the one sentence for linking to All Seasons "so far so good":):) Hope to see you there this week!

  7. A beautiful building and some interesting history!


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