Thursday, 1 March 2018

Circular Quay, Lunar Lanterns, Pig (Theme Day: Play)

Lunar Lanterns were installed around Circular Quay to celebrate the Chinese New Year Festival. In the Chinese zodiac, every year is symbolised by an animal and this year is the Year of the Dog. This lantern installation featuring many Pigs was created by John Deng. In the western world, people say ‘pigs might fly’ so this artwork explores both eastern and western notions. The zodiac symbol of the Pig can be characterised as honourable, philanthropic and optimistic. They can be incredibly focused and achieve great things.


  1. Quite a nice work of art, should have been dogs though for the Year of the Dog :)

    1. Sami, there's a lantern installation for every animal in the zodiac. I've featured a couple of others this week including the dog and there will be one more tomorrow.

  2. Oh that's a fun installation Jim, clever too!

  3. An interesting piece of art work. Hope you have a wonderful weekend


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