Tuesday, 8 May 2018

Kyeemagh, Sculpture @ Bayside

Safe Place by Adam Galea
Tracks by Keith Bender
Stretching the Imagination by Susan Dorothea White
Uninvited by Dana Lundmark
In the Morning Sun by Piotr Ozerski
Sculpture @ Bayside is an annual event that takes place at Cook Park, on the Botany Bay foreshore in the southern suburb of Kyeemagh. The temporary outdoor exhibition ran from 15 April to 4 May 2018, to showcase the area’s growing diversity and is a stimulating platform for artistic and cultural celebration to the region.


  1. Stretching The Imagination works best for me out of these. Excellent shots!

  2. A fine, very successful series. Well done.

  3. Not sure about the top one but find the others interesting.

  4. Amazing sculptures. Enjoyed seeing them! Many look so creative:)

  5. Wow great sculptures. First one is the heaviest cloud I ever saw.

  6. 'Stretching the Imagination' is very good, and I also like "In the morning sun"!
    Nice work, Jim. Thanks for sharing.
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