Monday, 22 April 2019

Glebe, mural

"Memories of Trams" is a mural on the side wall of a terrace house on the corner of Glebe Point Road and Hereford Road, in the inner west suburb of Glebe. It was painted by Wallwork in 2017 and was interpreted from a 1953 photograph here by Lenny Manny. Trams ran along Glebe Point Road until 1958.
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  1. Beautiful On So Many Levels - Well Done


  2. That's a really imaginative way to use the space on the side of the building! From the point of view of the photo, the perspective really works well... fools the eye.

    best... mae at

  3. The whole 'scene' fits so well into the allocated area, certainly fools the eye.

  4. It looks so real...I at first didn’t even realize the people were part of the mural!

  5. Wow, that is a really beautiful mural, very realistic too.
    We have a similar mural with an old tram but it's in colour.
    Thanks for contributing Jim.

  6. I never liked scratchy, messy blobs of paint on city walls, but thoughtfully designed murals are a true pleasure.

  7. No more trams now? A pity but a nice mural it is Jim.

    1. They removed them all from Sydney by the 1960s. But now they've started installing new lines in the city and inner city suburbs.

  8. Beautiful! And in 1995 I "lived" in Glebe for two nights :-)

  9. What an enchanting mural. It is great they way they have incorporated the windows of the building into the design.


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