Monday, 23 September 2019

Five Dock, mural

This mural is located on the laneway wall at Fred Kelly Place, in the inner west suburb of Five Dock. "The Way In or The Way Out?" is a ceramic tile painting created by Virginia Arregui in 2016 to celebrate the multicultural diversity of the suburb's community. The artwork features doorways from around the world, shown side by side.


  1. Along with all the meaning that doors and entranceways convey.

  2. Great assortment of colorful doors. I like this one a lot.

  3. Gorgeous. This would be perfect for Norm's Thursday Doors.

  4. This is an incredible find. The doors are so versatile and the artist depicted them brilliantly.

  5. How pretty! I'm always photographing different doors, so this mural is just up my alley.
    Thanks Jim


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