Sunday, 29 September 2019

Rookwood, Human Donation Memorial

The Human Donation Memorial is located in Rookwood Cemetery in the western suburb of Rookwood. Created by Everton for the University of Technology Sydney, this Memorial commemorates the people who have donated their bodies to medicine and science. The art pieces include an array of corten steel panels with the design of a remembrance tree for the purpose of flower placement during ceremonies. Also part of this memorial, is a brass disk artwork which is the focal point of the memorial garden along with a series of uniquely designed bronze plaques sitting upon cylindrical granite plinths nearby.


  1. A memorial at Rookwood Cemetery is perfectly placed. Does the design of a remembrance tree mean that people placed flowers at the base of the trees or inserted them in the carved gaps?

    1. I've seen flowers placed in the gaps of the sculpture itself.

  2. An idea that is growing, I think, especially in more urban areas.

  3. Even a better and clear view of the screens that were more in the background last week! These are really beautiful and artful! Many thanks for showing them to All Seasons, for us all to enjoy! Have a great Autumn week:)


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