Monday, 27 December 2021

St Mary's Cathedral, The Lights of Christmas

"The Lights of Christmasis an annual light projection show on the fa├žade of St Mary's Cathedral, this year from 9th December until Christmas night 25th December. These images include native bush flowers, a cockatoo, a bee hive and a cockatoo.
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  1. Lovely. My fav was the koala across the rose window!

  2. Magnificent light show at the Cathedral. Thanks for participating in Monday Murals Jim.
    Have a wonderful 2022!

  3. So colourful, i like the koala and cockatoo

  4. You got some great shots. We saw the crowd for that heading home from SIX (which I loved!). Hope you are COIVD free and got to enjoy Xmas. It's been dreadful for so many of my friends. I did another test this morning (as having lunch with friends) and so far so good....getting jumpy tho.

    1. All good, so far. I know some acquaintances and friends who have it and my sister had some workmates test positive which had her scrambling to get tested. So Christmas was a smaller gathering than usual.

  5. How wonderful. I especially liked the tree. Have a joyous, safe, healthy New Year, too, Jim.

  6. Wow ! That look stunning. Thanks for sharing with Garden Affair.


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