Saturday, 30 April 2022

Botany Bay, cloud

The light from a single white cloud is reflected in Botany Bay, viewed from the foreshore of Lady Robinsons Beach in the southern suburb of Brighton-Le-Sands.
Linked to: Weekend Reflections.


  1. It feels soothing and tranquil to stare at this beach sky photo, it's the type of blue sky that promises a great day to unwind! Happy Skywatch Friday!

  2. great, a single cloud is not such a common sight.

  3. That one cloud does it all! A great view, and wishing you a great weekend too! Emille

  4. Greetings and Salutations! One puffy cloud in that blue sky over the blue sea and sand. How odd and yet lovely.

  5. J’adore. I think I would have taken the picture if i’had seen such a lonely cloud ! It almost look like a collage


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