Thursday, 8 June 2023

Randwick, public toilet


An automated public toilet is located in Alison Park, along Alison Road in the eastern suburbs of Randwick. These amenities are self cleaning and disinfecting after every use.
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  1. There are around 100 toilets like this one in Stockholm. Some are free, but there are others where you need a credit card if you have to go.

    1. Toilets are are always free in Australia. It's a shock that I have to pay when I travel overseas.

  2. I was locked inside one of these automatic toilets before. Quite frightening

  3. When I travelled in Australia I noticed that public toilets are at every corner and always clean. So you arrive somewhere, you look around and you see the toilet.

    Here it is different. If a public toilet is somewhere at a corner and free, it is ugly. I like washrooms where a lady watches and cleans after every use. Of course I leave a tip!

  4. I wish we had these in the US. Thanks for linking up.


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