Saturday 10 February 2024

World Square, Lunar New Year, Dragon

This artwork has been installed along Liverpool Lane, in the World Square shopping centre. The neon light mirror wall features a dragon for Lunar New Year to celebrate the Year of the Dragon.
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  1. It's a really nice colourful light display

  2. That's fantastic!! I went into town yesterday to get the Valentine's Day photos but it's almost all LNY in the shops....much more inclusive and I guess the bigger $ potential....I was quite surprised...

    1. Noticed that too. All the shopping centres and department stores have displays and many smaller shops too.

  3. Oh yes, this is the Year of the Dragon. I've always liked the dragons, I belong to a Facebook group, "Day of Dragons". It's very small, there is also a larger one and several others for dragon likers.

  4. I think that's fabulous! I have experienced my first dancing lions of the season! I wishing you the best in the year of the dragon, my friend. Aloha

  5. My only experience with Lunar New Year was during my (only) visit to Hawaii. It was overwhelming. The next morning the smoke from all the fireworks practically enveloped the city.


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