Monday, 22 February 2010

Pyrmont, flats

A glimpse of one of the pylons of Anzac Bridge between a new apartment block on the edge of Waterfront Park and a sandstone cliff, in the inner west suburb of Pyrmont. 


  1. That is a lovely walk around that peninsula, Jim. Hope you do the sculptures of the vats just there that are rusted. I simply could not get them to "work". Love to see your take.

  2. Very impressive shots. I'm sure the residents of those buildings have some incredible views. Lots of glass!

  3. What an amazing photography, provides the idea of how large the bridge must be.

    A nice new week for you.

  4. The bridge behind the building makes for a really interesting composition.

  5. Thanks for your comment!
    I noticed that you post daily...
    I follow you but don't have time to comment every day, sorry! :)

    I love Sydney! Been there once but planning a new trip in a year - family members live there...

    Your photos are great and gives very beautiful and authentic picture of Sidney, how it looks and feels being there.

    See you! :)


  6. And they must have a wonderful view of the bridge!

  7. That is a very interesting architectural design, and even more stunning the bridge behind it....

    Great shot!

  8. very good ...always something interesting to see here when I call in!


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