Sunday, 30 January 2011

Banksia, foot bridge

This foot bridge runs along the railway line, immediately north of Banksia railway station. This rusty steel and weathered timber bridge is another structure on the endangered list and will soon be extinct. Signs have been posted here to announce that it will be demolished soon but a new one will not be built in its place. In future, pedestrians will have to walk a short distance away to cross the road at ground level. I suppose it's not architecturally significant or historically important so it's not worth restoring or replacing but it's a shame because this old bridge has some character.  


  1. That is so sad. More than that ... that annoys me! It is all to do with Public Liability insurance, I suspect.

    Anyway. I need to thank you. This post of yours has decided me on what to post tomorrow. I was bumbling around, coming down off an Australia Day high, not knowing what to do.

    Now you have my dander well and truly up ...

    I will cross-link with this post of yours ... hee hee hee hee ...

  2. I like how you captured this sweet little footbridge. Sad that it will not be replaced.

  3. You are certainly correct on two counts, it is a shame and it does have lots of character.

  4. I like the unusual steel arches. Shame it is coming down.

  5. Character is something I value but lets hope is replaced with the bridge that is a visual delight ... I do rather like some of the modern over bridges. I am currently coming to terms with the loss of our 'character' shops at Lawson and hoping that the replacements will delight me.

  6. Kind of cute how they have the arch on both sides of the bridge :-D

    Happy sunday!

  7. it would be sad to see this cute little bridge a thing of the past...hope they restore it!

  8. I agree your footbridge has character. I bet a few locals will miss it. Wonder what Julie is up to? :-)

  9. I love the way you framed the tree with the rusty arch from the foot bridge.

  10. people better not take short cut and cross the tracks.

  11. At least you've captured the bridge in pixels for posterity...


    If you see a shadow
    And want to keep it near,
    Point your trusty shooter
    (Make sure the lens is clear);
    Press with care the shutter,
    Do not slam or sock it—
    Then you’ll have a photo
    To carry in your pocket!

    © 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher

    Stumbling Drunk with Ecstasy

  12. Indeed, it has character and one can just imagine all the children that have stood at its rails over the years watching trains.

  13. The bridge has gone now and it hasn't been replaced :(

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