Friday, 20 March 2015

The Rocks Square, The Rocks Centre

The Rocks Square provides a civic forecourt to The Rocks Centre. The paved space includes a cascade water feature, a shade structure and seating areas surrounded by historic buildings. The Rocks Centre consists of Scarborough House built in 1994, which incorporates Penrhyn House along Argyle Street, between Playfair Street and Kendall Lane, which was built in 1918. The development houses a retail arcade, cafes, restaurants, apartments and The Rocks Visitors Centre.


  1. Jim, that looks like a lovely spot to sit and have a coffee or a tea.

  2. A lovely place to relax, Jim!! And of course, blue, blue skies are always beautiful!!

  3. Nice place to visit and take lunsh break :)

    Happy weekend!

  4. I suppose the sail cloth were added on.

  5. Sounds like the place for a bit of everything! Nice photo--I like the architecture.


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