Monday, 5 December 2016

Arncliffe, tunnel mural

This mural is on the wall of a new pedestrian tunnel, under the railway line in the southern suburb of Arncliffe. Students at the nearby Al Zahra College provided drawings centred on the school's vision and purpose, which the artist used to create this mural.


  1. The students in your city are so energetic and artistic, caring of their environment. This year in SA, the students have burnt down their res's and smashed statues; trashed torched and overturned varsity transport.

  2. Cute, but it does look as if the wind is quite strong in the tunnel.

  3. Hello Jim. The wind tunnel is a great expression for these murals. The beaches in FL. sometimes have trees that are bending in a similar direction. The ocean stirs up the wind and their is always a strong breeze.
    Happy Blue Monday.

  4. Interesting artwork! I like these a lot.


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