Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Woolloomooloo, Sculpture On the Wharf

Sculpture On the Wharf is an outdoor exhibition at the Finger Wharf and promenade in the inner city suburb of Woolloomooloo. It is being held from 18th November 2016 to 18th March 2017. "Helix" by David Ball stands along the promenade, seen here framing a naval ship at the Garden Island dockyard.


  1. Great sculpture, that also seems to artistically symbolise an anchor. Great perspective.

  2. I love the framing concept. We could show children how to take a really interesting photo.

  3. Very cool.
    Thanks for linking up at, and hope you're having an enjoyable holiday season. Best wishes in 2017

  4. It has the warship across the way framed beautifully

  5. This creates a nice layering affect of the framed portion.


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