Saturday, 2 December 2017

Circular Quay, walkway

A view of the walkway along the western side of Circular Quay, beside First Fleet Park at The Rocks. A cruise ship is moored at the Overseas Passenger Terminal in front of the Sydney Harbour BridgeThis view is from the walkway beside Cahill Expressway above Circular Quay railway station and Circular Quay ferry wharves.


  1. Fantastic. Such a Bit ship and all the little humans.
    Great shot

  2. What an incroyable shot of my very favourite bridge! Merci beaucoup Jim ☺

  3. So spacious and beautiful and yet a transportation hub as well!

  4. Wow, beautiful walk on a sunny day! Love the birds eyed view you gave here:) Many thanks for sharing summer with All Seasons (we could use some sun here; right now we're having a wind storm!)and enjoy more sun this week!

  5. Beautiful shot - thanks for sharing. Sydney is on our bucket list ... but we're still making our way through Europe! Hopefully, we'll live long enough to make it down under!
    Belatedly, happy pink saturday!


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