Friday, 1 December 2017

The Rocks, Unwin's Stores (Theme Day: Gift)

Unwin's Stores is a row of sandstone commercial buildings and residences above, located along George Street at The Rocks. They were built by Frederic Wright Unwin between 1843 and 1846 in the Colonial Georgian architectural style. The planter boxes along the footpath have been covered in Christmas wrapping to look like Christmas gifts.
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  1. Great decorations. I loved this part of town when I visited last year.

  2. Nice one. What if you to take the gifts with you??? LOL

    1. Rob, you would probably need a crane to take those gifts home. ;)

  3. Clever way to decorate a street. Good theme choice.

  4. I visited the Rocks many years ago on one of my visits to Sydney. You've brought back some great memories for me. Thanks.

  5. Many of us are fortunate to have an environment that offer many gifts from which we can choose.

  6. Trees are always a gift in an urban environment, wrapped or not. Fun photo.

  7. Nice holiday/gift theme. I'm even more impressed with those buildings. They're in gorgeous shape for their age.


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