Friday, 29 December 2017

George Street, Christmas wreaths

A view of the giant illuminated Christmas wreaths which have been installed along George Street between King Street and Park Street. The street had been blocked with fencing and barriers for the past couple of years due tor major construction of a new light rail service with more space for pedestrians but reopened just before Christmas. This view extends to two skyscrapers in the distance along George Street, the HSBC Centre and World Tower at World Square.
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  1. Wow! Very festive!
    Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!

  2. Looks like a very inviting place for pedestrians to stroll. Nice leading lines [provided by the tracks and buildings], complemented by the arcs of the wreathes.

  3. Wonderful Holiday decorations ~ love the design with the wreathes ~ Great shot!

    Happy New Year to you ^_^

  4. Beautiful, I love to see cities invest in transit.


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