Saturday, 23 February 2019

North Bondi, Wally Weekes Pool

A view across Bondi Bay to Bondi Beach from Wally Weekes Pool in the eastern suburb of North Bondi.
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  1. What a beautiful turquoise! Beautiful water. Lovely picture.

  2. That's a pretty picture of Bondi Beach, Jim.  The day we came it was nearly empty as it was raining.  We didn't even get off the city bus, just road it back to the start.  Being on the bus that way we really didn't know much of what we were seeing.  Thank you for pointing out the pool, I didn't have a thought that was what it was. 

    1. What a shame the weather wasn't in your favour, Jim. Bondi is an iconic beach.

  3. My beloved grew up in Bondi but left home in 1970. The only time he dreams of going back is when he sees gorgeous images of his favourite beach.


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