Sunday, 8 September 2019

Scots Presbyterian Church Sydney

The Scots Presbyterian Church Sydney is bounded by Margaret Street, York Street and Jamison Street. The original heritage listed, six storey building, built in 1929, was designed by Rosenthal, Rutledge and Beattie in the Inter War Gothic style. The high rise apartment building above was built in 2005 and was designed by Tonkin Zulaikha Greer.


  1. Amazing building, the high rise addition works really well

  2. \That is different and useing the space you had

  3. Hello Jim!
    Amazing building, I am delighted with it.
    Wonderful picture.
    Have a nice Sunday:)

  4. WE have some conversions like this. I should go check them out.
    My first thought was now interesting that a church was built with six stories.

  5. Oh, dear! The added building just does not look right! The church at least had charm with its graceful windows. Personally I think they should have left it alone.

  6. What an imposing structure, with way too many shadows to count!

  7. What a pleasant surprise to see you linked up as first for All Seasons, Jim, with this unusual church building! I love it, but I wished the would have made the top more looking like a church with towers, and other details like those. But still it has something of a royal ambience! Many thanks for finding this and sharing it with us. have a beautiful week:)

    1. I think it could have looked better if the tower had been the same sandstone colour as the original.


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