Saturday, 2 May 2020

Tempe, Unwins Bridge

Unwins Bridge carries Bayview Avenue over the Cooks River linking the inner west suburbs of Tempe and Undercliffe. This 5-span steel beam bridge was designed by John A McDonald and completed in 1891. This view from Mackey Park in Marrickville extends to the apartment buildings in the southern suburb of Wolli Creek. A family is seen here in canoes heading to the nearby River Canoe Club of New South Wales.


  1. Thanks Jim, I have a bit of a bridge thing going myself at the moment

    1. Thanks for the link, rodeime. A fascinating read.

  2. Such a pretty picture!!
    Here too a bridge, mine is a little foot bridge.

  3. Those apartments in the background would get quite a view.

  4. Beautiful place. So nice to see clear blue sky and water. Have a wonderful weekend.

  5. The canoes bring the photo to life, beautiful !

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  7. Wow, this bridge is much older than it looks like! It must have been the talk of the town when it was finished:) It is still an impressive view, also with the high rises in the background! Many thanks for sharing this wonderful work of steel with All Seasons. Stay healthy and happy, Jesh


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