Saturday, 2 January 2021

Museum of Contemporary Art, sculpture

This sculpture is located in the Circular Quay West forecourt of the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia at The Rocks. 'Secret World of a Starlight Ember' was created in 2020 by Lindy Lee, who currently has a show at the museum celebrating her 40 year career.
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  1. Replies
    1. The sign is actually on the glass of the museum seen through the hole in the sculpture.

  2. I am not a huge fan of modern art, but that sign out the front certainly catches the eye. And the rooftop cafe has spectacular views of the bridge etc.
    Be healthy and well in 2021.

  3. I like it, reminds me of a surf board shape

  4. Happy New Year, Jim!!! I like our sign find, clever through the keyhole!!
    We always watch the really nice fireworks on the bridge and at the Quay, you get us in the celebration mood as you are sooo far ahead of us.


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