Saturday, 8 May 2021

Sydney Olympic Park, In The Shadows

'In The Shadows' is an artwork created by Janet Laurence in 2000 which is located in a creek, in the western suburb of Sydney Olympic Park. This environmental art work creates an atmospheric zone through which one passes over bridges. It is made of twenty one vertical transparent wands, echoing scientific measuring instruments, standing at various heights within the creek. At varying intervals, water blurps and aerates randomly, atmospheric vaporous fog moves, rises and dissipates transforming and cooling the creek environment.


  1. Sydney Olympic Park seems to be a distant memory now, given Covid and the problematic Tokyo Games.

  2. Like William said, unusual but like the concept.

  3. It seems to be a very interesting interactive work of art, located in a place that the photo makes quiet and peaceful. The autumn seems to be very soft in your area. Oh yes by the way "Fairy Floss" is much more poetic than "barbe à papa" (dad's beard) to name a cotton candy

    1. It's great how it has a different name in different countries. The Brits call it "Candy Floss" and in Greece it's "old lady's hair".

  4. Such a cool piece of art. I like it. #AllSeasons

  5. Lovely! I didn't realise it animated the creek. I thought it was just the poles #Allseasons


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