Saturday, 8 January 2022

Darling Point, yacht club

The Cruising Yacht Club of Australia is located on the shore of Rushcutters Bay, in the eastern suburb of Darling Point. The club is home to the annual Sydney Hobart Yacht Race which begins nearby on Sydney Harbour on Boxing Day.
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  1. Hi Jim, you caught an absolutely beautiful boat with great lines. Also like the reflection on the water on the hull.

  2. Pretty long boat but it takes more than its share of the docking area. I'd set a length limit and the long ones could go around and walk a bit.

    1. I took the photo from the marina which behind my position is quite extensive.

  3. What an amazingly blue sky. My grandfather lived on a hill/small mountain above a yacht club. We would eat on his deck and use binoculars to peek (spy) on the diners there!

  4. The marina looks like a very expensive place, do they have any super yachts there?

  5. Beautiful view of the dock with lovely blue sky. Have a wonderful weekend.


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