Saturday, 13 August 2022

Sydney Park, bridge

A bridge and a gabion retaining wall across a pond in Sydney Park, a large recreational area in the inner city suburb of Alexandria.


  1. It's such a great spot. Thanks for joining #Allseason

  2. I will be looking out for fishes in the pond.

  3. Lots of native trees in the frame. Great shot

  4. Well, you've sent me down a rabbit hole as I was not familiar with the term "gabion." This led me to discoveries about bastions, mattresses and trapions. There is so much to learn and at 87 years of age there is not time enough for me to make practical use of my new-found knowledge. Nice composition and interesting view.

    1. I've seen this type of retaining wall in a few places but only recently discovered they are called a gabion.

  5. I think I'd never seen one of those gabions either, let alone know what one was. But I would know what their purpose is (great Reflection Photo also). I'm like Kenneth above, 88 years old and have lived near, 30 and 50 miles away on the other side of Houston, our Port of Houston since 1964.
    Also the Port of Galveston is less than 60 miles away. We used to have a great seafood restaurant on Pier 21 or 23 there, when I had jury duty I'd go there to eat. A large restaurant chain bought them for the name and to eat away their competition. Within a year they closed it. It was on a pier, the food and atmosphere, and price, were wonderful.
    At any rate I'll be looking for them. We are starting to wall the water away in heavily populated areas, climate change, they flood at unusually high tide times, almost once a year.
    Hurricanes are killers!
    Thanks for the lesson, one is never too old to learn.


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