Sunday 30 June 2024

Elizabeth Street, hotel

This historic building is a boutique hotel with commercial space between Elizabeth Street and Phillip Street. This view is of Elizabeth Street which features access to the hotel, an Anthony Squires men's outfitters store and entrance to an Anytime Fitness gym on the lower ground floor. The Sebel Sydney Martin Place hotel, which opened in 2024, has its main entrance in Phillip Street. The building was originally home to the Broughton Club which had become the United Services Club by 1907. It became the New South Wales Leagues Club in 1915, which housed the rugby league offices and committee rooms, bars, billiards and card rooms and residential quarters. It closed in 2015 and then became a Mercure Hotel .


  1. The building has a long history!! Luckily it was preserved!

  2. I like it when historical buildings are preserved. I also liked the diagonal shadows and the shadow on the 2nd floor.

  3. You always capture interesting shadows with your building shots.

  4. I agree with Yogi, you find interesting shadows with your buildings. I wonder if your Anytime Fitness is the same as ours. I go there, or have a membership, and should go more!

    1. Yes, Lisa. The Australian gyms are part of the American company.

  5. Brutalist architecture at its best, Jim. Thanks for being part of the "My Sunday Best" meme


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