Saturday, 2 October 2010

Temperance Lane, Circle/s in the Round for (Miles and Miles + 1)

This artwork which is created from flashing neon lights is located in Temperance Lane, off George Street. 'Circle/s in the Round for (Miles and Miles +1)' by Newell Harry, takes its title from the 1967 Miles Davis album, 'Circle in the Round'. The pulsating concentric circles are a visual homage to Davis and the encoded word-pun is supposed to remain undisclosed. My guess is 'Never Odd Or Even'. It is one exhibit in 'Are You Looking At Me? Laneway Art', which is part of the Art and About Sydney festival which is running from 23 September to 24 October 2010. The coloured lights also create a good reflection aon the 'For Sale' sign on the adjacent building in the laneway.


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  2. The explanation is wonderful.

  3. Bello questo gioco di parole e di luci !
    Buona serata :)

  4. I like the reflection very much, even more than the original artwork. :)

  5. What a nice challenge for the eye. Great picture indeed.

    Please have a good weekend.

    daily athens

  6. Terrific photo and a very interesting post, Jim! Hope your weekend is off to a great start!


  7. Beautiful lights and colors :)
    Have a nice weekend
    Elisa, from Argentina

  8. great photo -- I an almost see the lights pulsing....

  9. I like the art AND the reflection. Well done, Jim!

  10. What a colorful reflection ! Nice sharing !

  11. Great shot! I like the nice colors contrasted by the night.

  12. What a tricky reflection! I was mesmerized by the concentric circles of the neon and then noticed the reflection.

    Great photo!

  13. Nice finding! I love your picture:o)

    Thanks for sharing*
    have a nice weekend*******


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