Saturday, 16 October 2010

Queen Victoria, Sydney Statues: Project!

This bronze sculpture of Queen Victoria stands outside the Queen Victoria Building, on the corner of George Street and Druitt Street. The statue has been dressed up for the Sydney Statues: Project! as part of the Art & About Sydney festival.


  1. What an interesting project! What are these clothes made of to withstand the weather?

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  3. Wow this is very interesting! At first I thought it's a real person posing. Great shot!
    Sky Reflection

  4. Wow! One statue dressed up! I've never seen that before. First seconds I thought it was a real lady, in flesh and blood.. :)

  5. She looks a little dark doesn't she ?
    Last time I saw her sitting (in bronze) at the beach at the English coast, lol !

  6. An creative idea, though I'm not too enraptured by this as 'art' to be honest. I also thought it was one of those street artists dressed up, at first glance.

  7. Thank you for sharing this very unique and interesting post. I would never have known anything about this stature if you had not featured it.

  8. Beautiful and colorful picture. It is interesting to see the statues dressed.

  9. Rambling Round, I'm not sure what sort of fabrics have been used but they do seem to have withstood the weather, so far. We've had a bit of rain but that hasn't ruined them but I'm not sure how they'll go with some of the wild winds we're having today.

  10. That is such an awesome project, JBar.
    Fantastic shot!

    Hope you're having a great weekend!

  11. We've seen these statues on our previous trips to Sydney. Nice to be able to dress them up in the name of art. Back home in Singapore, this might be classified as an act of vandalism and earn the artist 6 strokes of rattan across the derriere ;-P


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