Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Walsh Bay, Vivid Sydney, seeds

 This artwork was located on a boardwalk at Walsh Bay for the Vivid Sydney Festival. This is the first year that the former wharves and warehouses at Dawes Point and Millers Points were involved. “Seed” by Frances Greig represents the beginning of the journey through Walsh Bay, taking inspiration from collectives such as flocks, schools and troupes. It is created from metal spheres that are illuminated and bound together by threads of fibre optic lights that constantly changed colour.


  1. Vivid Sydney seems like an awesome art show all over the city. I like the fact that these pods change colour.

  2. I am glad you ventured around there, we ran out of time.

  3. That's really neat. I'm glad you explained about the fiber optic lights, I couldn't figure it out!

  4. What cool shots...those lights...amazing.

  5. Jim~
    first..thanks for popping by!
    your comment has me intrigued..
    I shall try my best to find it!
    what pretty colors on the exhibit..
    gonna explore a bit more..
    but thanks again..
    come back as often as you like.
    I'm a dual citizen.. Florida and Colorado..vastly different..but totally awesome each!
    hugs and smiles..Loui♥

  6. Good to see these, I got tired so didn't go around to Walsh Bay.

  7. thanks for the info Jim..
    i'll check it out!!

  8. That is a very different, but interesting, sculpture! Love the changing lights in it!

  9. Wow, very interesting sculpture!
    Thank´s for sharing!

  10. great photos; I'd have loved to have seen it too...

  11. This is the third time I've been to your website. Thank you for explaining more details.

  12. Fantastic Jim, I always find it so interesting to see how artists interpret their ideas.


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