Monday 4 March 2013

Little Bay, Coast Hospital

This heritage building was originally part of the Coast Hospital in the eastern suburb of Little Bay. The distance and isolation from the city made it perfect for an infectious diseases hospital built in 1883. These wards of the hospital were built in 1914 and used for returned personnel from World War I suffering contagious diseases. In 1934 it was renamed Prince Henry Hospital and in 1959 teaching hospitals were established for the University of New South Wales and the University of Sydney. The restored wards now house the Nursing and Medical Museum and a Community Centre.


  1. Loved this!!! The history of it all is so fascinating.

  2. I was just reading a book review for Typhoid Mary yesterday which mentioned her being quarantined in an isolated hospital.
    Thanks for dropping by and visiting my blog!

  3. Ha! I did laugh when I clicked the link Jim to find out this building is haunted by Gracie's ghost!!

  4. Lovely blue colour!
    Happy Blue Monday to you!

  5. That blue sky is gorgeous! I'm glad it's not a place with sick people.
    Happy Blue Monday, Jim.

    1. Yes, the site has been redeveloped these days and now also contains residential apartments.

  6. Looks like a pretty setting--lovely blue sky.

  7. Beautiful setting. I played too. Mine are here and here.

  8. Beautiful building. Love the blue sky too


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