Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Moore Park, Royal Hall of Industries

The Royal Hall of Industries is located along Drivar Avenue in the eastern suburb of Moore Park. It was built in 1913 in the Federation architectural style. It was also known as the as the Showbag Pavilion, in the days when it was part of the Royal Agricultural Society's Showground. The Sydney Royal Easter Show is similar to a State Fair and showbags were originally free sample bags from vendors or brand groups. These days it is part of The Entertainment Quarter and hosts special events, fairs and festivals.


  1. Neat historical building ~ fascinating and great shot for OWT ~ thanks,

    carol and artmusedog

  2. The 1913 Royal Hall of Industries looked very grand, serious and productive, just as you would expect at the end of the Edwardian era. Until the War to End All Wars broke out in 1914, we thought we had the world's problems sorted.

  3. Very grand Jim. The show dogs must have been able to get up a good run in that pavilion.

    1. This is where you went to get all your showbags, Joe. So no dogs allowed in this pavillion which was full of lollies, chocolates and chips. :).

  4. That does look like building with some rich history.

  5. Replies
    1. The Show in Australia is the equivalent of a State Fair. The showbag was originally a free sample bag from vendors or brands to promote their goods. These days they are themed bags of commercial merchandise.

  6. A sky so blue to complement this nice building!

    Have a nice weekend!

  7. What a beautiful clear blue sky to highlight the bricks of the building.


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