Monday, 8 August 2016

Arncliffe, tunnel mural

This is part of a mural on the wall of a new pedestrian tunnel which opened last week, under the railway line in the southern suburb of Arncliffe. Students at the nearby Al Zahra College provided drawings centred on the school's vision and purpose, which the artist used to create this mural.


  1. Quite a dramatic mural-- almost looks three-dimensional.

  2. Such a clever piece of art. The embossed effect is dramatic.

  3. Looks very nice, you get the perception the continents are sitting above the hands.

  4. Lovely! The colors are especially "Australian".

  5. With those hands this must be the Jolly Green Giant's father. Interesting mural.

  6. Very nice. Is there a story that goes with this mural?

    1. Students at the nearby school were asked to provide drawings centred on the school's vision and purpose which the artist used to create the mural.

  7. Spectacular. Full of energy and ambiguity, which makes you look again and again. Thanks for contributing to this week's Monday Mural.

  8. Hello Jim, I arrived home yesterday from vacation. Thank you for joining Blue Monday while I was on vacation. I posted a mural just for you. I thought of you when I spotted the mural. I did find out the farmers market sells their wares in a park in front of the mural. It gives these beautiful veggies and flowers painted on the wall meaning. Big smile here.

    Your mural this week is very well done. The clasping hands is perfect with our world in such chaos. The artist did a great job and using the student's ideas makes this a very special message.



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