Monday, 15 August 2016

Barangaroo, water pumping station

This former water pumping station is located near the Towns Place entrance of Barangaroo Reserve, in the inner city suburb of Barangaroo. This sewage pumping station was decommissioned during the building of the headland park. The building was moved 100 metres, restored and redeveloped as a toilet block.


  1. very cool looking, here in southern Illinois we have one place that looks like top of a palace and pumps water within
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  2. The idea of a pumping station in its own special architecture was brilliant. I am even happy if it had to be moved later and converted into a public toilet.

    1. I posted a very similar one at Rozelle a while ago, which you can search on, but that one does not look as good as this repurposed one.

  3. Hi Jim, It is always good to preserve an interesting piece of history. This is a very good looking brick building. Now it has a new purpose. I like this.
    Thank you for joining Blue Monday.

  4. That's an interesting old building. We don't see much civil-mechanical-utilities architecture like this in British Columbia, but it is often seen in Ontario, which has older settlement. I was always surprised to find that the perfect little Georgian style house was in fact some sort of sub-station.

  5. what a cool building! glad they repurposed it!


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