Friday, 12 August 2016

Barangaroo Reserve, Harbour Control Tower

The beginning of the end of the Sydney Ports Harbour Control Tower at Barangaroo Reserve, in the inner city suburb of Barangaroo. The tower was once used by the Sydney Harbour port facilities before they were moved to Port Botany. The former container terminal has been transformed into a foreshore park, with a naturalistic rocky outcrop and landscaped with native trees and shrubs. The tower is being demolished after it was decided that it did not have any heritage value.


  1. Nice tower - it's a shame it couldn't be preserved as a tourist attraction for views.

  2. I can just see myself trying to climb that tower...

  3. Hello!:) It is a well constructed tower, and not an eye sore as some can be so it does seem a shame that it is to be demolished, as it looks great against such a beautiful blue sky.

  4. What a shame it is to be demolished Jim as it's a nice looking structure. I'd love to climb to the top of it.

    1. I was hoping they might have kept it and maybe turned it into some sort of viewing deck tourist attraction.

  5. Hello, it is a shame the tower is being demolished. Pretty skywatch! Happy weekend!

  6. it looks like it's inviting people to scale up the stair like structure


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