Thursday 21 September 2017

Dawes Point, sentry box

This sentry box is on the foreshore of Sydney Harbour, near the Sydney Harbour Bridge, in the inner city suburb of Dawes Point. This cylindrical sandstone building was built c.1880 to observe the foreshore area for defensive purposes. It was located next to Explosives Wharf (now Ives Steps Wharf) which was built around the same time to transport explosives from Goat Island to the Dawes Point Battery.


  1. Could someone be inside this structure? I'm trying to envision how it would be used defensively.
    Nice photo - I like the perspective you've shown here.
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    1. Sue, there's a door on the right and a window around the other side, looking out on the harbour. If you click on the second link, you can see a side view of it.


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