Thursday, 20 December 2018

Australian National Maritime Museum

The Australian National Maritime Museum at Darling Harbour, viewed from Barangaroo. The Australian National Maritime Museum was designed by Phillip Cox and opened in 1991. The museum houses exhibitions that explore Australia's links with the sea and how maritime activities and issues have shaped the lives of people in Australia. The Endeavour replica and the Cape Bowling Green Lighthouse can be seen here. The museum has a large new sign on this side.


  1. I like its architectural design. It seems to fit in with its mandate.

  2. I like the way they've put the sign.
    Poor lighthouse looks almost miniscule here!

  3. Agreed. Since we are an island continent totally surrounded by ocean, our links with the sea HAVE shaped the lives of Australians since the beginning of European exploration (and earlier of course). What a perfect place to locate the Maritime Museum.

  4. Love the looks of that old sloop tied up near the Museum. Would love to spend some time wandering around that Museum.


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