Wednesday, 12 December 2018

Botany, war memorial

The Botany War Memorial is located in Boralee Park, on the corner of Bay Street and Daniel Street, in the eastern suburb of Botany. It was unveiled by Governor Sir Walter Davidson KCMG on May 5th 1923. It features a luted granite column surmounted by a sphere and crown, resting on a sandstone and granite base on three steps. The names of soldiers have been engraved on polished granite. Inscription reads: Their name liveth evermore.


  1. Because grieving parents and widows couldn't retrieve their loved ones' bodies from Europe, they would have been very grateful to have somewhere to grieve. The names on the base made it almost personal.

  2. There are so many of these around the world - I was struck by the fact that even tiny villages in the UK had one as well. So many names.

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

    PS: comments now seem to be working properly - but only from my lap top!

  3. Somehow Botany and War Memorial don't seem to fit together..unless it is not referring to Plant Biology.

  4. Don't think every seem a memorial like that.
    Also took part in Sky Watch

    1. That's interesting, Dora, because we're so used to seeing so many like this in Australia.

  5. Very simple which lends to the focusing on the purpose of the memorial.


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