Sunday, 16 December 2018

Glebe, St John's Bishopthorpe Church

St John's Bishopthorpe Church is an Anglican church located on the corner of Glebe Point Road and St Johns Road, in the inner city suburb of Glebe. This heritage listed church was designed by Edmund Blacket and John Horbury Hunt and built in 1870 in the Victorian Romanesque style. The vestry and tower, both designed by Cyril Blacket, were completed in the early twentieth century.


  1. I wonder what fascinating events have been witnessed through time from inside that tower. Wishing you all the best, Jim, during this holiday season.

  2. Classically Anglican. I'm reminded very much of some of that denomination's architecture here.

  3. The neo-Romanesque style, complete with the elegant tower, was perfect for the 1870s. And still elegant now.

  4. Beautiful neo-Romanesque architecture.
    Wonderful photo, Jim.
    Greetings from winter Poland.

  5. ...what a beauty, I love the stepple!

  6. The Church of my parents wedding, my baptism and confirmation


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