Thursday, 9 January 2020

Birchgrove, wharf

Birchgrove Wharf is at the end of Louisa Road, in the inner west suburb of Birchgrove. It is also known as the Yurulbin Point Wharf and previously known as Longnose Point wharf. This pontoon ferry wharf on the Parramatta River was built in 2018. It is serviced by Sydney Ferries on the Inner Harbour Services between Circular Quayand Cockatoo Island.


  1. Very pretty spot indeed. Blue sky and blue water---very nice. Let's walk the wharf

  2. "Fishing permitted"?! Now that is a beautiful difference for once!
    Ahhh, the blue sky!

  3. A lovely spot and view. Awesome blue sky, we hardly get one like that.

  4. Such a pretty view! I'm ready for summer over here!

  5. This is a new wharf! great you spotted it. Also saw the post with all the signs one should remember! Great communication (also telling of our modern times that more is communicated than in past times:)
    Many thanks Jim for sharing this great wharf with All Seasons! Have a great week!


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