Sunday, 30 August 2020

Ryde, St Anne's Anglican Church

St Anne's Anglican Church is located along Church Street, in the north western suburb of Ryde. The nave of this heritage listed church was originally a schoolhouse built in 1826 in the Victorian Academic Gothic style. Another schoolhouse was built nearby 1838, allowing this building to become the church. The chancel and bell tower were added in 1862 in the Victorian Free Gothic style.


  1. You tell by looking at the church that it's a venerable building. The shadows help to add grace to its age.

  2. Nice that it's still here, I'd be interested to know what the oldest grave there is.

  3. The sandstone on this church and tower has become even softer-looking over the last 200 years. I know why Sydney used dark red brick on churches in general, but St Anne's in Ryde looks much more refined.

  4. Nice church this week Jim and a churchyard as well

  5. Beautiful sandstone church.
    A great photo of an interesting monument.
    Happy week:)


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