Saturday, 6 February 2021

Lavender Bay, boats

These boats are moored in Lavender Bay, viewed from the boardwalk in the north shore suburb of Milsons Point. The office buildings behind it are located in North Sydney.


  1. The boats on calm water under blue skies look serene.

  2. The bay is so veyr pretty, Jim, with all those boats and the tall buildings in the background. We stayed at the Hilton Sydney and I was trying to see if it was one of those buildings but I could not tell. We took the ferry one day and went under the bridge and to the left into a bay. It had shops on our left coming in and a Naval Museum at the end (quay??). The big yellow duck was moored in there, I think we were close??

    1. Jim, this bay is on the north shore. Your hotel would have been in the city, on the southern side of the harbour and opposite Lavender Bay. You visited Darling Harbour by ferry, which is just west of the city.


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