Sunday, 21 February 2021

Newtown, Camperdown Cemetery

The heritage listed Camperdown Cemetery is located along Church Street in the inner city suburb of Newtown. It was established in 1848 on about 13 acres and was the main cemetery for Sydney from 1849 to 1867. Many historic headstones from former graves have been preserved along the wall of the cemetery. St Stephen's Anglican Church is located within the present bounds of the cemetery. 
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  1. We have a lot of similar graveyards like this out our way, Jim. In fact, there is one right down the road from here...p

  2. I really like visiting old cemeteries with beautiful, historic tombstones.
    Happy and beautiful Sunday from distant snowy Poland:)

  3. That looks like it could be any where in the UK, very reminiscent with the headstones

  4. I'd like to visit there, is it quite a small cemetery?

    1. Yes Amy, it's not very big. It's easy to visit if you go to Newtown. It's close to the shops and railway station.

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